inside atlassian's DESIGN Teams

There is no better example of Atlassian’s rapid growth than the 4 year period from 2012 to 2016, when their design team grew from 6 designers to over 120. It goes without saying that what works for 6 designers probably doesn’t easily scale well for 120 designers. In this episode of True North we go inside the Atlassian design teams to see how they work and collaborate with other teams, products, locations and time zones to ensure their high standards persist.

We hear from different team members, learning about how they ensure that design, growth, user research and information experience all work together cohesively and ensure the correct problems are being addressed for their users.

What’s interesting is that while Atlassian has setup mechanisms to assist their teams, they don’t force them into a specific methodology, they allow them to adapt. Finding your way, asking questions and being humble are at the core of the design teams.