This episode is the third in our mini-series, Design Horizons, and is the season finale for True North.

As with many trends that have seen a rapid rise, there is a strong likelihood that there may be an equally strong decline in design. It is fear of this risk that is prompting many designers to call for their fellows to prove their value. It stands to reason that, if designers can prove their worth and, thus, convince their employers that design is providing a strong return on investment (ROI) to them, they’ll have no choice but to keep championing designers.

Now, if that were easy, nobody would have a worry, but it’s not. How can design—something that companies have traditionally assessed according to the taste of a few important people—prove to a company that it’s providing real, measurable value? How can UX designers show that they are actually valuable, strategic assets who can impact all areas of a business?


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