Master series: Jeff gothelf

This is the first episode in a mini-series, between season 1 and 2 of True North, called the ‘Master Series’.

Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey talks to Jeff Gothelf. Jeff is the author of the best selling book Lean UX and the soon to be released Sense & Respond. In this fascinating chat they talk about the new book Sense & Respond and why he and Josh Seiden wrote it (4:42). The pros and cons of siloed teams (8:00), creating a culture of continual learning (9:21), the dichotomy of rewarding teams based on shipping versus encouraging learning and thoughtfulness (13:16), moving a workplace from a deliberate culture to an emergent mindset and why you’d want to do this (18:37). Involving key stakeholders in the discovery phase (23:17) and how to quickly identify and understand an organization’s level of sophistication in relation to design and testing (28:25). They then dive into the anatomy of self-guided teams (31:35), when and why to pursue generative research (35:54). Finally Jeff talks about why he decided to move out of his consulting business Neo and the challenge many agencies now face (37:43).

Listen to the first minute to find out how you can win a copy of Jeff's new book, Sense & Respond.


You can learn more about Jeff at or on Twitter - @jboogie

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